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of the united states. >> the political theater and dignified simplicity, designed to show off a new nation's representativive government. today is special because it's sunday. tomorrow is the ceremonial swearing in on the mall. >> in this day and age, inaugurations have their own set of challenges. we will go over over the logistics and the schedule and the security. >> the formal swearing in is today. today is january 20, the constitutionally mandated day the president must be sworn in. that takes place in about an hour at the white house. we will get a preview from ed henry. >> good morning. interesting, the crowd's a lot smaller than they were four years ago. but still, as you noted, a lot of pomp and circumstance. it started when the president went to arlington national cemetery, met up with vice-president biden. there was a laying of a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. the vice-president had been sworn in already this morning, a little bit earlier than the president. that's in part because he was sworn in by justice sotomayor who has a book signing this afternoon in new york city. t
a historic day. the president officially sworn in for his second term as president of the united states. the oath of office administered by chief justice john roberts in a small ceremony at the white house. our chief white house correspondent ed henry is there live with more. ed, i won't speak for you. i know what it's like to say the wrong words now and then on live television with a live audience. this time, though, the swearing in seemed to be flawless, is that right? >> reporter: that's right, jenna. it went off without a hitch at least this time. you remember a bit of a flub from the chief justice four years ago. he went without note cards, was trying to memorize the oath, slipped up a little bit. this time he had note cards in hand. we should note the pageantry of the moment. it was held in the blue room which is a small room, about 30 by 40 feet in the white house, much smaller than the east room where some of t ceremonial rooms are. we wanted it to be small, intimate, mostly family on hand to watch him sworn in for the second time. very interesting. after he took his hand off th
. and, of course, the international community with the united states are very, very concerned about islamic extremists in northern africa so there is a lot of sort of public display of aphoenix for that algeria government but a lot of anger, too. >> a little background on algeria which won its independence from france back in 1962. it is nearly four times the size of texas and the largest country on the continent of africa. sunni he muslim is the state religion practiced by 99% of the population there. algeria borders two countries in turmoil right now. libya to the east. and you have mali to the southwest. algeria received almost $3 million in american aid back in 2012. here is bill with more. >> martha, want to remind viewers about the map behind us now. here is the gasfield that was overtaken by terrorists we have been watching over the past week or so. earlier today the leader of the terrorist organization seas he is willing to negotiate with the government of algeria if, if the french with support by the united states stops its bombing campaign here in neighboring mali. remembe
that the french are taking on mali and the united states is sitting on the sidelines, andy. well, the french think they have a better idea what their national interest is. that's for certain. but i think what's really interesting, sean, if you remember -- you'll remember this, judy, you will, too, 2004, 2005, 2006 we were arguing whether george bush had brought al-qaeda to iraq. now we have a situation where al-qaeda has been basically given the northern portion of a continent and they've been armed, because this ridiculous thing we did in libya where we took out someone who was at the time was deemed to be an american ally, didn't worry about who was going to come behind him and what ended up happening? his arsenal is now in the hands of terrorists. >> sean: i think it's even worse, too, andy, but when you factor in the muslim brotherhood and referring to the israelis as the descendents of pigs and apes and that was just know 20 so and we're giving him what, fighters jets, military equip and 1.5 billion in tax dollars. >> that's for the peace with israel as the pragmatic branch of the musli
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)